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DOOR KNOB :: Product DF • 5 • B

Pair of Un-sprung turning door knobs for use with sprung mortice latches.

Supplied with spindles and screws as standard.

  Inches Millimeters
Diameter 2 50
Depth 4 101
Diameter 2.6 66
Weight per pair 1.32 lb 0.6 kg

CUPBOARD KNOB :: Product DF • 5 • C

Single Fixed Cupboard knob for use on all cupboard doors and drawers.

Supplied with either thread and nut fixing or screw.

  Inches Millimeters
Diameter 1.42 36
Protusion 1.89 48
Diameter 1 25
Weight 0.22 lb 0.1 kg

All items are handmade and may vary slightly from dimensions stated.

Glass is not as strong as metal. Excessive downward pressure or a sharp knock could result in breakage.

Available in Nickel only

Suitable for interior use only.

For a current lead time and quotation please contact:
T: +44 (0) 20 7736 7172

19A Rumbold Road London SW6 2HX, UK